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This Year’s Dance Celebration was phenomenal. The evening went off without a hitch. Praise and Worship led by Ambrose Gumbs, Kim Gumbs and Della Smith was spirited and uplifting. The blowing of the Shofar by Carol Diaz helped to set the atmosphere and announce to worshippers that we were going into the presence of the most High God to allow Him to “Pour His Love” on the audience. This celebration of Liturgical and Prophetic Dance was produced by Prophetess Audrey Josey, Executive Director of God’s Word In Motion Ministry Arts Academy. The event was staged by God’s Word In Motion Ministry Arts Academy, in Association with Upper Room Assembly of God venue host and JC Liturgical Dancewear.

What an evening! Vibrant colors, enthusiastic spirit filled dance worshippers, wonderful and glorious music, and an energized audience.  Ministries from all over South Florida, and Exuma, Bahamas  lit up the stage for two full hours of cutting edge, choreographed dance; literally the word of God in motion. Master of Ceremonies, Pastor Steffon Josey along with Co-Host, Lashonda Walpool, directed the program with wit, humor and the inspirational fervor of a Sunday morning joy service.

The evening began with a spectacular flag and dance fanfare to Handel’s Messiah Chorus. Dancers paraded into the auditorium with a variety of flags, streamers, and banners accompanied by “dancing angels” with rainbow colored wings, flowing in synchronized harmony with each other. The costumes mostly designed by Marjorie Cherubin from JC Liturgical Dancewear, were spectacular and stunning. The opening performance was well received and would set the pace for the other acts to follow.

G.W.I.M. Children’s Dance Ministry took to the stage brilliantly arrayed in garments of purple hues, performing Paul Wilbur’s “Shema”. With energy and poise the young performers demonstrated a connection with this wonderful song in tribute to God Almighty and the declaration that He is “One God” chosen to dwell among the hearts of His people.

The Junkanoo Sound of the Bahamas filled the sanctuary as Soul Winners Dance Ministry from Exuma Bahamas delivered a high energy performance of “Glory Glory”. The audience was on their feet as many of them were exposed to the pulsating sound of Junkanoo Drums and Cowbells for the first time. It was vividly displayed that Christians know how to throw a Holy Ghost Party. Yireh Dance Ministry brought the Glory of God with Dance Attire and a performance that allowed The “Holy Spirit (to) Come And Fill This Place.” This dance group filled with tiny worshippers demonstrated that it is never too early to learn to Praise the Lord.   The sound of Eddie James’s I am filled the room as GWIM Dancers took to the stage and presented a colorfully choreographed rendition. Beautifully arrayed in purple, the stage was set ablaze with a lively tribute that was spirited and artistic.

Appearing for the first time at the GWIM Dance Celebration, M.Y.A.C.T Angels demonstrated the skill and training of Choreographer Dwight Thompson in their rendition of “When You Pray.” Already these young ministers displayed the skill and techniques required of the Miami Young Adult Christian Theater Team, choreographed movements which glorify God.  In an amazing tribute to the rich Jewish culture of which Christians consider themselves co-inheritors, GWIM Dancers lit up the stage with Baruch Adoni. The room filled with the excitement of the moment as they loudly proclaimed, Barauch Adonai, Elohey Yisrael; let the nations sing and praise Him and Israel will say Amen!

In a moving passionate performance of Walter Hawkins’s “Marvelous”, the Soul Winners Dance Ministry lifted the audience to their feet as they acknowledged what a marvelous thing Jesus did for us by His death on the Cross. And then, M.Y.A.C.T adult dance team did not disappoint with a culture critique by Ty Tribett to “Stand Out”. This team stepped out not only with the Techno Colored dance Attire, but also with its signature cutting edge choreography.

Faith Christian Center Seraphim Dance Ministry took the audience to “Another Place” in a spirited serene dance performance, proving that it only takes a few to move an audience to experience God. Closing out the first half of the evening, the Combined dance ministries exalted God with a moving rendition of “Lord You Reign”. With flags and banners by Yvonne Roman and the Dance Flaggers from Upper Room Assembly punctuating the performance; this piece choreographed by Prophetess Josey, allowed the audience to break out into spontaneous applause and declaration of the truth that “our God Reigns”.

The first half of the program was excelled only by the second half. God poured His Love on the audience as the program moved through a divinely inspired combination of Dance and Song which filled the room with the aroma of worship. Yireh Dance Ministry led off with “We need the Glory”. In a seemingly immediate answer to this petition, GWIM Dancers, allowed the spirit to flow as they ministered to “Pour My Love On You”. On display again were the spectacular flagging ministry of Upper Room and GWIM. Like oil upon their feet and wine for them to drink, they ministered effortlessly before the throne. Ministering to the song “In Your Presence” the audience was led to know what it means to enter the Holy of Holies with our worship. The powerful Angelic flagging display by newcomers Malcolm and Chrystal, will forever be etched in our memories. In a tribute to her parents Roy and Katcheta McKenzie, Prophetess Audrey Josey, demonstrated the gift of Dance that is on her life. Ministering to the Music of American Idol’s Mandisa, prophetess moved the audience to tears and worship with a heart rending, spirit filled performance of “Not Guilty”, as scenes from the Passion of the Christ flashed overhead. M.Y.A.C.T followed with “God Is Here” by Martha Munizi. Again the seasoned dancers of M.Y.A.C.T. thrilled the audience with their artistic interpretation of this song.

The room was once again filled with a hushed expectation as the combined dancers began to fill the rows with dancers and banners and streamers. They began to “Whisper His Name” which built to a loud crescendo of “shout out His name” as the dancers pranced, jumped and shouted for Joy. The audience responded in like manner as they lifted up their praise and their voices. Caught in the moment of spontaneous praise Pastor Josey led the audience into a glorious chant of Jesus! Jesus! Jesus! What a night of wonder. What a night of awe! What a night where heaven came down and glory filled our souls! What a night of God’s manifested presence! What a night where God descended and Poured His Love on Us!


Welcome to God’s Word In Motion!

Our mission is to present the Good News through the Ministry Arts. Our programs encompass participants from local church ministries across South Florida, the US and Globally. We seek persons eager to sharpen their spiritual arts gifting for the work of church ministry. We will offer classes and workshops www.godswordinmotion.org helpful to those desiring to excel in their calling for the work of the ministry.

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God’s Word In Motion Ministry Arts Academy
Upper Room Assembly Of God 19701 SW 127 Avenue Miami Fl 33177
$35.00 a month- Non-Members; $25.00 a month- Members
$10 Weekly classes ( If paid weekly)

Workshop A
Week 1—How To Minister in The Spirit (Activation)
Week 2—Ministering in Truth (Activation)
Week 3—Worship Through the Movement of the Body (Activation)
Week 4—How to Choreograph (Activation)

Workshop B
Week 1—What are Dance Garments and What do the Colors Represent?
Week 2—Flag Ministry (How to Use Flags in Worship)
Week 3—Dance Techniques
Week 4—Signing in the Dance (God’s Sign Language)


Date: August 6th, 2011
Time: 5-8:00 PM
Upper Room Assembly Of God
19701 SW 127th Avenue
Miami Fl 33177